Binary adventures

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Using TextMate from Windows

Remotely call TextMate from within Windows and have it pop up in macOS!


BOBJ user management woes

Sometimes a seemingly simple and obvious request, such as having a user's full name as part of his account information, can prove more daunting than you might imagine.


Forecasting Data Services schedules

Data Services does not offer the most useful insight into job execution statistics. Even worse, there's no overview of future job executions. By extracting schedule information and combining this with historic execution data, we can generate reliable estimates for future schedule executions.


Auto-refresh with OpenDocument

How to auto-refresh a BusinessObjects document within a predefined interval.


Scheduling to WebDAV with Web Intelligence

Making scheduled documents available in SharePoint can be accomplished by using WebDAV. However, Windows requires additional configuration before being able to use a WebDAV location as a destination.